Samuel_David_Freelance_Writer_and_BloggerDifficulty in selling your technology products and/or services could be as a result of seemingly insignificant but important connecting ends that were ignored or left unattended: Are your target customers finding your products online? Does your sales rep have enough educational contents with which they could use to nurture leads to sales? Are you making that good first impression with your contents?

Samuel David: Web Content Writer Specializing in Content Marketing and Search Visibility for Technology Companies and Startups

Hi, Samuel David is my name. I write web contents that attract targeted traffic and that may well be useful for the early stage of the b2b buying cycle. Specifically, I write in-depth, authoritative blog posts/articleslanding pages and email newsletters that are aimed at building trusts and relationships with your target customers while making a good first impression about your offerings–that you aren’t yet another salesperson, but rather a business partner and friend, and one who’s trying to help them find real solutions to their business challenges. That way, they’ll be willing to buy from you without the unnecessary push and pull effect.

I offer the following services:

  • Ghostwriting

Did you just assume office as the newly appointed CEO of a tech company and find that you’ll be updating the company’s blog twice every week. I’d say don’t get yourself overwhelmed. Delegate the writing to me and free yourself some quality time you can use to get busy with other important engagements.

  • Content Marketing Strategy

New tech startups are launching by the day and it’s got to mean that it’s no longer business as usual. But are you going to join them since you may not be able to beat them? Or will you stand out with a content marketing strategy that establishes your reputation and lets you sell your tech products your competitors’ threats notwithstanding?

Evolve with a master strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Hire me to execute your content marketing strategies.

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts are still very much around and for a good reason: they bring marketing results. Generate awareness, create interest in your brand and its offerings, capture leads, increase your conversion rate–all with a 1500 (or more) in-depth, authoritative blog post.

Get in touch if you want blog posts that will attract readership and share-ability. My blogs are optimized, first, for its end users and, then, for the search engines.

  • Landing Page Contents

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to optimize an existing page or trying to create a new one. Your landing page must be found; its users must stick to it like superglue; but, most importantly, it should guide the reader into taking the next step.

In creating landing pages I often research and take into account the end user. Get me to create persuasive and responsive landing pages for your new tech products or have me rewrite the existing pages for increased conversions.

  • Email Newsletters

The money is in the emails. But until email marketing is approached the right way there isn’t a guarantee it would generate sales and revenue.

Now if you’re looking for an email newsletter writer who will not burn bridges by assuming the role of your sales rep then maybe you’ll get in touch right away?

Fill out the form below and let’s discuss your business goals as they relate to your technology content marketing.