Welcome to my Services page! You aren’t late to the party. Join me at the table and have for yourself a toothsome!

But while we enjoy our meal we could talk about your online business, shall we? What about your customers — are they converting as you would want them to? Perhaps you could use some help?

Who I am, What I do, and How I Can Help You To Win Your Customers Over


Are you’re already thinking, “dude is all about food.” Sorry to disappoint you. Given it’s O.K. to pretend ain’t no one loves tasteful meals, actually, I don’t do foods. I do contents. Only that my contents shares the attributes of foods in that:

  • They’re meaty–think about your blog visitors so loving your posts they subscribed to your newsletter.
  • They’re yummy–think about your website visitors having a mouthful of sweet things to say about your brand on social media.
  • They’re enticing&hynotizing–think about grabbing the attention of your target audience, plus getting them to perform specific actions.

Though I must confess: I’ve got an uncanny interest for foods plus I do a lot of eating (healthy meals!) because I figure my body need them to stay healthy and to function at its optimum.

But guess what? I do a lot of writing, too. You know why? Because I figure your online businesses need my contents to build strong, healthy relationships with your customers thus getting them to trust you so that they won’t have issues committing to your offerings.

So while mama gets busy in the kitchen preparing those spicy and titillating meals, get me busy preparing tasty, scrumptious, and exclusive powerful contents for your audience. (Tip: this time, with my contents, you’re winning them over!) So, will you?

Allow me to introduce myself as your “foodie” freelance writer and copywriter. Hit me up anytime — I’m always available to prepare those meaty, yummy contents that would win your customers over.

Want to engage me now? Want to have me preparing those tasty contents that your audience will love to read and share?

Without further ado here go my mouthwatering writing services:

  • Blog Writing. Your rich, highly-performing blog posts will come fully optimized for search, web readability, and social media shareability; they’ll contain screenshots, images, responsive CTAs, and tweetable quotes.
  • Blog Content Planning.  Get your blogging on its wheels. Churn out on a regular basis, gratifying contents that your readers will love to read and share. My blog content planning service has taken care of blogging ideas and blogging strategies–being the most difficult aspect of blogging.
  • Article Writing. Think general informational articles or product reviews. I’ll draw from my sophisticated research, organizational, and writing skills to ensure your articles provides its readers with as much information as can increase their knowledge while helping them to make better and smarter buying decisions.
  • Ghostwriting. As the newly appointed CEO you’ve just been informed you’ll be updating the company’s blog twice every week. I’d say don’t get yourself overwhelmed. Delegate the writing to me and free yourself some quality time you can use to get busy with other important engagements. I’ve written for key influencers, bloggers, CEOs of companies and startups–all in a ghostwriting capacity. If I can write for them, why can’t I write for you?
  • Ebooks. Reward your readers and treat them to an unforgettable experience with an ebook that’s helpful, actionable and practicable. Then, sit back and watch how they’ll download and even share your download link with their friends on social media.
  • Sales guide. Use my sales guide to increase sales by educating your sales force about the unique value proposition of your products and/or services while getting your sales team to upscale their selling strategies.
  • Sales Letter. I’ll create effective sales letter giving attention to headline, formatting, and tone, just so you’ll never have to worry about your sales letter triggering the spam folder or provoking your leads rather than getting them interested, thereby letting them mark your sales letter as yet another spamWon’t you rather have me write your sales letters?
  • Email Newsletter&Email Marketing. The difference between the two is that given the former is used to nurture leads, the latter is used to convert them into paying customers. My winning email newsletters will get into the inbox of your subscribers and, then, straight into the heart of your subscribers, thus getting them prepared to order for your offerings upon receiving your next email promotions.
  • Landing PagesYou probably already know that your landing pages are the image of who you and your business are online. You’ll want to be careful and selective about what gets and stays on these pages. I write landing pages bearing in mind the target audience, their interest, and their pain points. The result is landing pages that convert readers without the usual “push” and “pull effect.”

Send me an email right about now if you’ve got any of the above writing projects. Have something related to web writing but can’t find them on the above list? Shoot me an email at and let’s see how we can be of help to each other.

Why I Should Work for You

  • I’m bringing to the table expertise and top-notch writing skills plus over five years of writing experience.
  • I have in-depth knowledge of particular industries to include (but not limited) to home improvement and green living/green solutions.
  • I’ll offer suggestions&recommendations on the kind of content that’ll work for you, being the only one you should be investing your time and money.
  • I’ll help you get more organized and stay productive while saving you ample time you can use in networking, prospecting for new clients, developing business strategies, or even having some fun time–rather than spending such time bothering your brain cells unnecessarily with blog topic ideas or churning out blog contents that lacks substance. (Actually, my blog content planning service is a life-saver, and you might want to consider my blog writing service, too).

Work with me already. Get in touch so we can discuss your writing projects.

Why You Should Work With Me

  • Competitive rates.
  • Get return on investment (ROI) on every dollar spent by the way of stellar contents that are actionable, engaging, easy to read, and prone to social
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Quick response time (typically less than 24 hours assuming you’re sending me an email ( or just saying hello on Skype (sammiewrite).
  • Up to two rounds of revisions at no extra cost.
  • A risk-free communication process that puts no obligation on you for getting in touch.
  • Ethical standards deeply rooted in professionalism that keeps you and your information safe during or after our contract.
  • Flexible working procedures that get you involved and puts you in control.
  • A thorough working process that ensures the deliverable are up to par and are in sync with project scope.
  • Availability on weekends and for rush-hour jobs.
  • Availability in *your timezone.*

Sound great? Fill out the contact form below now. You could as well reach me via Skype contact is sammiewrite.