Upwork does not take it kindly with those who want to take their business out of Upwork because this cuts Upwork out of their fee. Upwork terms and policies have clearly stated this. And this goes to clients and freelancers. If either a client or freelancer wants to move outside of the platform, Upwork has a hefty sum that is supposed to be paid.
But the issue seems to be different here. As an Indie Freelance Writer you met this client somewhere, but very well outside of Upwork. The issue is that (s)he wants to pay you through Upwork. Now you’re skeptical. And you might be a bit confused, too.
Am like what if the reverse is the case? I’ve worked with one client like that, outside of Upwork, who never paid me. So am like you got one client outside of Upwork he pays. You got another outside of Upwork but never pays. And yet still, here is this one gotten outside of Upwork that wants to pay through Upwork or nothing else.
Well, those mixed feelings are legit especially if you’re a beginner freelance writer (or although you’re not a beginner writer but somehow it is your first time doing deals of this kind).
Now don’t conclude prematurely — and don’t blow out with excitement just yet as you might soon discover a large chunk of your hard earned money has passed for the service fee — which depending on the site involved could amount up to 20% or more. But somehow, with the Escrow system both the freelancer and the clients feels safe, not it? Or let’s say the client wants to be the safest…
If a client is insisting she will be paying you via Upwork, then it could be thought that she has trust issues. Beyond trust issues, it could be that she has agencies there and that makes it easier to handle reports, taxes, monitor work, etc, especially if most people she is working with are on Upwork.
Any of these two occasions are just normal owing to the fact that the client in question don’t know you and never cared to, anyway. And being twice unlucky, the internet too, so they just want to thread with caution. They do not want a situation whereby someone will run away with their money and their work.
To me, these two occasions seem to be the possibilities I can adduce to clients wanting to pay via bidding sites. But is there a way out of this? Like is there a way you could clear their doubt and be sure you’re doing the right thing?
If you don’t want to have a thing to do with bidding sites then just guide the client to enough of your social proofs as are available online — articles wise or in the form of satisfied clients who had patronized your services. And again, but you should be VERY CAREFUL. Rather than accepting payment upfront or at least half of it, being what I usually recommend, you could accept to be paid upon acceptance of the task. For the first task only! But the simple logic is that you should limit the volume of the task in such a way that if the client eventually declines to pay, their work might just pass for some writing samples so you just move on. Yes, move on. Don't join the wagon of those calling out clients. Click To Tweet Aside from the fact it made you look unprofessional, such that potential client will want to avoid you, it’s as well a waste of a damn precious time.
However, if you don’t have a thing with bidding sites, and getting paid through them is nothing to you, you may accept the offer. But who is to bear the service charges? You might want to discuss this with the client. If they agree to bear the cost, fine. And if not, fine still. Agree to bear the service fee for the first time only, with an agreement that your client will either have to pay the service fee subsequently or allow you to work outside the platform. I trust if you impress the client with your first turnaround, making a choice between these two options shouldn’t be that difficult anymore. Just ensure you aren’t discussing the moving-away thing on Upwork. Email direct.
So in less than 800 words I provided an answer to the question: what if my client wants to pay through Upwork? Now, did I do enough justice to this question? And do have you a client who employs you outside of Upwork but who is paying you through Upwork? What is the deal like? Anything I can know? Many things you will like to ask me? The comment box will do.

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Question Answered: What If a Client Wants To Pay Me Through Upwork?

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