Let me guess…

You landed on this page perhaps because you have a business in the unique home improvement industry (say you’re home improvement retailer, general construction company, residential remodelling company, remodeling contractor or furnishing retailer) and you’re looking for a savvy copywriter with specialized knowledge of this industry, whose copywriting skills you can rely upon for improved brand message and for attracting more  business opportunities to your home improvement company and/or business… You’ve come to the right place!

So given my guess is right, and you’re a home improvement specialist, I’m also assuming you need help with:

  • Generating high-quality leads and turning them into customers.
  • Getting traction from your content marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing efforts.
  • Creating newsworthy, link-worthy helpful and evergreen web contents.
  • Telling your business stories in a clear, simple, but persuasive manner.

Samuel David: Copywriting Specialists for Home Improvement Services Companies and Businesses

Samuel-David-copywriter-for-home-improvement-companies&businessesMy name is Samuel David and I’m a copywriter with over five years of creating convincing and converting copies for:

  • Home improvement services marketing experts and thought leaders
  • Professional service providers including building suppliers, home furnishing retailers, home designers, home contractors, consultants, and SEO experts and agencies
  • Authoritative home improvement websites and blogs in the home organization, home maintenance, and home cleaning landscape
  • Energy-efficient, green living,  green solutions companies including solar power companies and smart lighting companies.

Visit my copywriting samples page if you’d like to see few of my copywriting samples. Samples are to include blog posts, articles, sales letters, and website pages.

If you have got home-improvement-related copywriting projects you’d like me to undertake, drop me a line at sam[@]1stclasswriters.com or get across to me via sammiewrite on Skype.