Find below some freelance writing services that might fit into your freelance writing projects. When getting in touch with your expert freelance writer ( and Skype (Sammiewrite), do well to let him know specifically which of his first-in-class freelance writing services you’re interested in.

  • Blog Content Planning Services

Do you have a day job but also have your blogging on the side? Have you been blogging actively but only discovered your creative juices is beginning to betray you? Are you becoming uninterested in blogging all because you can’t find a creative angle for that blog topic idea you’ve got in your head? You might want to use some help to get your creative juices flowing again.

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  • Article Writing

Think general informational articles or product reviews. I’ll draw from my sophisticated research, organizational, and writing skills to ensure your articles provides its readers with as much information as can increase their knowledge while helping them to make better and smarter buying decisions.

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  • Ghostwriting

As the newly appointed CEO you’ve just been informed you’ll be updating the company’s blog twice every week. I’d say don’t get yourself overwhelmed. Delegate the writing to me and free yourself some quality time you can use to get busy with other important engagements. I’ve written for key influencers, bloggers, CEOs of companies and startups–all in a ghostwriting capacity. If I can write for them, why can’t I write for you?

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  • Blog Content Management

I’m aware most of the CMSs (WordPress I know) allows you to schedule your posts. But assuming you’re so tight on the schedule you can’t even log into your WordPress website. But that’s just by the way.

If you want better performing blog posts you’d better optimized them for humans and for search engines. Optimizing your blog posts for search engines makes it easier for the bots to crawl your web page, index it, and make it available for viewership. Optimizing your blog posts for humans, on the other hand, helps your on-page time. Your rankings in search engines result pages will receive a boost, as this will be a signal to the bots that your web pages have relevant contents.

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