Find below some freelance copywriting services that might fit into your freelance copywriting projects. Click the orange button to open any of the services in a new window. When getting in touch with your top-notch freelance copywriter ( and Skype (Sammiewrite), do well to let him know specifically which of his first-in-class freelance writing services you’re interested in.

  • Ebooks. Reward your readers and treat them to an unforgettable experience with an e-book that’s helpful, actionable and practicable. Then, sit back and watch how they’ll download and even share your download link with their friends on social media.
  • Sales guide. Use my sales guide to increase sales by educating your sales force about the unique value proposition of your products and/or services while getting your sales team to upscale their selling strategies.
  • Sales Letter. I’ll create effective sales letter giving attention to headline, formatting, and tone, just so you’ll never have to worry about your sales letter triggering the spam folder or provoking your leads rather than getting them interested, thereby letting them mark your sales letter as yet another spamWon’t you rather have me write your sales letters?
  • Email Newsletter&Email Marketing. The difference between the two is that given the former is used to nurture leads, the latter is used to convert them into paying customers. My winning email newsletters will get into the inbox of your subscribers and, then, straight into the heart of your subscribers, thus getting them prepared to order for your offerings upon receiving your next email promotions.
  • Landing PagesYou probably already know that your landing pages are the image of who you and your business are online. You’ll want to be careful and selective about what gets and stays on these pages. I write landing pages bearing in mind the target audience, their interest, and their pain points. The result is landing pages that convert readers without the usual “push” and “pull” effects.

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