Has it ever occurred to you why Backlinko.com often rank in the first-second positions for the keyword “backlink’ on search engines?

And Coppyblogger too–why they hardly miss the 1-3 spot on  search engine result pages for the keyword ‘copywriting?’

Here’s a screenshot for one of Copyblogger’s blog post:

copyblogger's best performing post
credit: Buzzsomo

So what’s the secret of Backlinko and Copyblogger?

  • They publish authoritative, in-depth, data-driven blog posts on a consistent basis so much they attracted a lot of natural links, comments, and social shares.
  • They align their blogging efforts to their blogging goals. The result is web pages that have been bookmarked by search engines as a reputable resource for web users searching for information about copywriting and backlinks.

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Wondering how I’ll achieve this?

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