For your information, I offer blog management services. This is a sequel to my blog writing and blog content planning services.

Anytime you commission me to write your blog posts you get:

  • Up to two free blogs posting on your blog or website (5 blogs posting if you ordered from any of my blog writing services packages).
  • Up to 20 blog comments reply (exclusive to people who had used my blog writing services packages).
  • Blog posting that has been optimized for humans and the search engines (SEO-optimized headlines, subtitles and images, compelling meta descriptions, standard formatting and related post tags where and when necessary).

Kindly note: As much as I wouldn’t like to limit my expertise to WordPress blog management, for now, I’m most adept with the WordPress CMS. Although I wouldn’t mind playing around with Wix, Weebly, Joomla and their other cousins.

While I’ve got this service up as an incentive for my clients, you could reach out to me ( assuming you want to use my blog management services as a standalone service, rather than as a part of my blog writing or blog content planning services.