The taste of modern homeowners is shifting to high-performance homes with less environmental impact. They’re opting for eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyles through eco-friendly flooring, paint, carpet, cleaners, and eco-friendly appliances like LED and laser lighting.

It’s in response to this genuine home needs as expressed by homeowners that you’ve got your green business up. This is where you fit in…

…Where I fit into? Is your company into alternative/renewable energy? Do you supply eco-friendly materials like green constructions materials and sustainable building materials? Is your website themed around “eco-friendly living?” Or, are you just an individual who is need of green living contents for any reason at all? Are you looking for a copywriter with specialized knowledge of the green industry? I can help.

I am an:

  • SEO (freelance) copywriter
  • Sales copywriter
  • Content copywriter
  • Creative copywriter
  • Brochure copywriter
  • Professional copywriter
  • Ad copywriter…

…Helping businesses with:

  • Sales guide writing
  • SEO copywriting
  • Website copywriting
  • Advertising copy
  • Sales guide writing
  • Newsletter copywriting
  • Online copywriting
  • Email copywriting
  • Press release writing
  • Product copywriting

I can help with the copywriting of various easily digestible, relevant and high-quality contents that your audience will love.

I’ll submit stellar deliverables that’ll satisfy the purpose for which it was intended and that are in accordance with the project scope as per our signed contract. And, I can offer up to two rounds of revision (should need be) just so you never have to worry about the quality of my turnaround.

Reach out to me at and on Skype: sammiewrite if you’d like to discuss your green-business-related copywriting projects.