If you blog often, chances are that one helpful blog post after another helpful blog post, it’s only a matter of time until your readers start to see you as an authority to be trusted. This trust will work for you, say when you want to get them to perform some specific actions like buying your product or an affiliate’s product.

You could bet as well that given they trust you, they wouldn’t hesitate to give you their email addresses in return for a free download of your top-notch eBook. They’ll even be proud to become your blog evangelist because somehow they’ve found your tips and tricks to be working for them.

Now you don’t have to abandon your blog (and very well your blog visitors) because you’re going on a vacation; you don’t want to abandon your blog because you’ve being hit by one major life event or the other; you don’t want to abandon your blog all because you lacked interest at a point or because you’re busy with other equally important projects. I can help. I can help to plan your content calendar and blog frequency so that you can continue to churn out, on regular basis, freshly written and helpful blog posts (Google love fresh and helpful blog posts!).

My blog and website content planning services come complete with:

  • SEO optimized titles (if you’ll like me to also help you to write those blog posts, you got my blog writing service exclusively for this one)
  • Short and sweet subtitles
  • Related posts which can be used in between paragraphs or as deemed necessary
  • customized meta description containing the focus keyword
  • Up to 6 blog topics per month
  • Helpful insights and recommendations on the kind of posts that’ll generate the largest engagements
  • Responsive calls-to-action

Assuming you contact me now to help you plan your content over the next three months, I’ll correspond you with my rates and ask for your permission to send a questionnaire which will contain some information I can use to support my content plan, as one way to be doubly sure am planning blog contents that are in sync with your blogging goals.

Let me know >>>sam@1stclasswriters.com>>> if you need help planning your content.