Samuel_David_Freelance_Writer_and_BloggerIn my over five years (2+ years of technology related) writing experience, I have had to agree that content marketing is the currency of the web. This explains why even high tech companies with the most complicated of products still manage to attract leads and sales.

But not just any content will cut it either. Often, uber-targeted, in-depth, high-quality contents that discuss a specific problem (or subject matter) in greater detail without ever derailing or getting sales-y.

I create the exact type of contents. You know, contents that its end users will find, use, and share. I’m able to achieve this by keeping abreast of SEO best practices and putting myself in the shoes of my readers.

I drive my inspiration from genuinely wanting to help people. I tend to find out what challenge(s) a user has and try to see the kind of content that will best serve them.

In so doing, my clients have always remarked the extra effort and detail I put into my writing. They love it (who doesn’t love freebies?) because they are getting extra value at no extra cost.

Assuming am asked to sum up myself in few words (this is for you perhaps you just scanned through without bothering to read my long epistle) then I might not be able to help it than say that I write, that I use those carefully written words to help users solve specific problems, and that I even go out of my way to add extra value to my deliverables so that my clients will be as happy as their audience.

By the way, I am Samuel David, freelance technology content writer saying hello! from somewhere far away Africa.

Should you want to learn more about me, or maybe you want to know what my writing on the web looks like, kindly go follow this link and afterward reach out to me (that is if you think we will be working together).