Eye-StrainThink about it for a moment. You’re sitting in a spot for hours. Your body is not working out. Your limbs are not moving. Your body slowly becomes a victim of atrophy. Your eyes are already becoming irritated…
When I started my freelance writing career, with the anxiety and desperation to pluck my own money from freelance writing tree I’d spend nothing less than 12 hours staring at my computer screen. Then I was writing for content mills. And if you’re familiar with that kind of system, you’ll agree with me those websites have an army of freelancers that can be difficult to beat. Just 5 minutes and more than 10 bids already.
In no time I started to feel my eyes are becoming heavier and the fore part of my head aches so badly. I got to understand this is eye strain. So I’d start to look for solutions. There were a lot of them. And now I make bold to let you know that you can actually be a full-time freelance writer without having to worry about eye strain.
So if your eyes are twice as important to you as it is to me, and we can have some few words about your health as a writer and your general well-being, then you can’t quit this post just yet.
One thing I remember now and that I should bring to your notice is that Google no doubt is a hub for information; but please, whenever professional expertise and special attention is required for anything at all (and, of course, eye strain is one), I’ll most prefer you visit an expert.
It’s important also, that you know that eye strain is not an issue that’s peculiar to writers only. Whoever you are, if you’re staring consistently at your devices for too long a time, you may not be spared.
For real there have not been any proven medical consequences traceable to eye strain, which means it isn’t anything to panic about. But whatever is causing you some discomfort, whatever that might affect your productivity can be prevented or at least managed back to normality or near normality.
You might have been told to look away from your computer every 20 minutes. Like seriously? How many people are truly loyal to this rule? And someone thinks attention will not be distorted?
Very likely you have heard or read from the internet too, that whenever you’re feeling eye strained or to prevent eye strain you should dim the light of your device(s). They’ll suggest some eye care apps that can make the screen a bit easier on your eyes. Some ophthalmologist would even recommend eye drops or some anti-glare glasses. And the most generous of this opinions and pieces of advice is take lots of vegetables and fruits.
No lies, the above could be some help for eye strain. But what about your eye that’s suffering from this eye strain? What for your productivity that it is being stalled? Now are you looking for some ridiculously simple but effective ways to avoid eye strains? And one that will not interrupt your productivity in any way?
#1 Take a break and rest. Seriously there’s not enough money in the world of freelance writing to mess up one’s health. Freelance writing is your passion (or business as the case may be) but not your life. Take a vacation. Step away from your computer for hours or even days. If you feel you’re starting to have eye strain, rather than going places looking for screen brightness and contrasting apps, I think you just need some rest.
#2 Sleep. Although unknown to you, but eye strain might be the resultant effect of inadequate sleep. 7 -8 hours sleep has been recommended daily Click To Tweet. Don’t always think you can be smarter. You need sleep to function well as a freelance writer Click To Tweet. If you do have enough sleep, it makes it easy for you to work on your computer.
#3 Look away and take a walk around. I want to pitch my tent with those who suggested a one-hour look-away time as opposed the 20-minutes look-away time. I considered its feasibility and the fact that something worthwhile would’ve been done in a period spanning one hour. During this period you can keep focus while your productivity remains intact.
Taking breaks after which you’ll return to your device would ensure you’re still at your optimum best. It’ll see you approach the task fresh with ideas and full of vitality. With all this in place and another one-hour break in the pipeline, you just might not experience eye strain.
#4 Use Apps. A simple desktop application — and here am actually implying apps that you can set to any time of your choice which will shut down once that time is reached — not apps that will help you contrast the light of your device. Most devices, as far as I know, often come with eye care controls. And I do think they’re enough.
So since you have one on your device, why crave for another? I tell you — if you’ve your device on an eye-friendly mode, but after about 45 minutes you start feeling like too much light is entering your eye, friend it’s time to quit that computer. It might be any of my three points above that came calling.
5. Eat right. If you eat all the vegetables and fruits in the whole world as often suggested, but ignore rest, sleep, or exercises, see you may soon find eye strain a better off.
I do think there are two ways to it: make eating right a lifestyle and respect your body language Click To Tweet. Listen to it more attentively. If your head or eyes or any other parts of you is not cooperating, stop working. Click To Tweet
As some few last words, I am not a doctor and am not qualified to be one. You should believe your doctor than me or the post. But trust me, any of the information you’ve up there has been thoroughly screened by me, and therefore considered safe for any kind of eyes. But whether they’ll be gentle on your eye strain that I can’t be too sure about.


Author: Sam

Sam is a freelance content writer. He blogs at 1stclasswriters.com where he shares his knowledge and experience about the freelance writing business. When Sam is not writing, he could be on his social channels chatting up like minds.

5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Avoid Eye Strain
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