Who I Work With

  • Backup software companies
  • Online security companies
  • Tech start-ups
  • Antivirus companies
  • Webhosting companies
  • Internet service providers
  • Email service providers
  • Tech Agencies
  • Business software review companies…

…and more. Really the list is inexhaustive. However if you’ll like to work with me but don’t know where you fit in, kindly reach me at sam@1stclasswriters.com.

Why I should work for you

  • I reckon that quality content is at the heart of any successful marketing strategy.
  • I believe in the power of story telling to engage audiences, change perceptions, and create customer demand.
  • I thrive at guiding the content creation process from idea to delivery.
  • I pride the ability to learn new technologies, products, and processes quickly with minimal assistance.
  • I excel at writing contents that can be optimized for digital platforms to advance business objectives and to balance business goals with user needs.
  • I am versed in the understanding of and can distinguish between specific target audiences.
  • I’m comfortable writing in a style and at a level that ensures customers understand content messages.
  • I keep abreast of tech industry trends and technologies while ensuring to reference credible industry publications, websites, and other resources as necessary.

Sound good? Want to work with me already?

Why You Should Work With Me


  • You will get over 2 years’ of experience writing technology related contents.
  • You will get consummate professionalism in terms of reliability of the quality of the deliverable and in meeting deadlines.
  • You will get a contract to protect you, your information and your business.
  • You will enjoy up to two rounds of revisions absolutely free.
  • You will get flexible working procedures that won’t interfere with your other engagements so that you can get focused and stay organized.
  • You will also get to enjoy some sort of a brand reputation nurturing via a thorough working procedure that checks the accuracy of data against facts and ensure all deliverables are up to par and are in sync with brand style and content goals.

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Contact Me if you will like to discuss your business objectives and for your technology related internal and external content needs.